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Books - this is the most ancient and reliable source of information. And if all the information is on the Internet, in theory, could destroy one particularly clever hacker. That is to destroy all the books of the world to one person is not able to do. In the books you can find the answer to any question. Yes, it's not as fast as the Internet, when you score a question into the search box and get hundreds of possible answers. But the information in the book is accurate. She is an author, as opposed to online articles copied from each other with an unknown original source. Information - this is the most valuable thing a human. It is impossible to invent something new, without base. Start the car, do not understand the mechanics, or invent a unique recipe, is not guided in cooking. Books accompany the person from birth to death. The child gets acquainted with the world through books. On large cardboard pages, he sees a cow, a dog, a cat. And only then met them in real life. Many people traveled outside their country once in my life. But we all know that there are pyramids in Egypt, and in France - Eiffel Tower. We imagine, look like a mirage and the northern lights. All this thanks to the books (and a little television).

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